creatures big are creatures small: looking at childhood through jewellery making

frog ring: plastic frog, gold ring, cultured pearl

I have always been interested in childhood as a theme for my work, which is something I’ve returned to again and again as a source of inspiration. For me childhood represents a way of looking at the world with fresh eyes and fascination. I like my work to communicate this in different ways, which is intended to appeal to adult and child alike. A quote by Samuel Coleridge that I have found sums up my way of thinking: ‘he readeth best, who knoweth best, that creatures big are creatures small.’

pond life beads: acrylic beads, nail art transfers

This collection of pieces I made for the RCA show 2010 are based around interaction with nature, as experienced in childhood, with jewellery serving as a medium through which to interpret this relationship. For adults and increasingly children also, nature is something experienced more and more from a distance. The aim of these pieces was to bring it close to the body.

plane brooch: laser cut book cover

I initially intended to explore the idea of the past and a person’s belongings and this then led me again to the theme of childhood.  The resulting pieces are something of a composite of childhood and adulthood, with a dialogue created by combining the two in one.

Rowena Murray/ Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery, graduating 2010

all pieces shown and images by Rowena Murray


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